Chance Time

Heading out to Osaka for a month – for greater things are yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city! There is no one like our God!

Some prayer requests for myself and the CFC Japan mission team:

  • Weather (rain season when we arrive) – if it rains, people tend to not show up at the events
  • Swine flu – people might associate it with Americans and thus stay away from us
  • Open hearts of people we talk to on campus
  • Willingness on our parts to be led by the Spirit – willingness to sacrifice
  • The short amount of time we have there (we only have ~3 full weeks)
  • Special Praise (we’re not too good…)
  • Skits and dramas – we need to go over the top and surrender ourselves
  • English lessons – please pray that people will show up the first day we have it! Otherwise we lose a lot of “chance time”
  • Safety in travel
  • Homeless ministry (they’re much older and seasoned in life than we are…so please pray that God will still use us to bless them somehow)

Personal prayer requests

  • Heart that is willing to sacrifice and be the kernel of wheat that dies
  • Peace from all the anxieties about next year – job, law school, etc
  • Urgency and a attitude of continually drawing my strength from God

Everyone on our team will admit that we’re really unprepared – spiritually especially. We have a lot of weaknesses, talent-wise, experience-wise, and even number-wise (team of 10). Please pray that our team’s weaknesses, along with external things like the Swine flu, will not give way to desires to give up, hopelessness, or a lost of focus – but that our weaknesses will instead yield dependent hearts through which God will work with all His wonders.

Each person in our team is bringing a bag that’s over 45lbs – for the guys, we all have two bags that are over 45 lbs each. Obviously we’re bringing a lot of stuff with us. But please pray that beyond all of that, in our hearts we will be going as Moses going before Pharoah – carrying nothing but the dependence on God as his staff.

Peace, Be Still, And know that I am God. Please know that I am God.


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